About Holly.


A little bit about Holly Medway….

I am the girl in the hat, with a joy for the beauty of this world and the wonderful people within it. Since 15 I have been invested in taking photos, starting with dancers, and moving into portraiture and events which led me to weddings.

In 2017 I was married so I understand there are a million things that have to come together, but you only need to worry about the things that are important to you and your family and the rest is merely suggestions.

Why I want to be there on your wedding day…

I want to capture the authentic moments of joy, love, laughter and tears. The hugs, and hand clasps, the look in the groom's eyes, and the smiles as a mother watches her daughter put on her wedding dress. I am all about the authentic love in these moments!

I also want to make sure you get the photos you and your family want; that all the very important people (VIPs) have their own special snapshot from the day.

What about the classic wedding photos you may ask? This is something truly magical, not because they are posed and the light is just right, those are contributing factors, but it is a moment of quiet between the chaos of the day. There is an intimacy in the first moments alone together, the joy and smiles that are just for one another, as you look ahead to the marriage you are embarking on.