Australian Bankruptcy Services

This site was designed whilst on internship with TMA and is currently up and running. 

ProBills Australia  

ProBills provides billing support for doctors and surgeons throughout Australia, a site designed to be easy and straight forward for doctors and patients to access with simple directions of where to head. Inviting and clear direction given through the simple and clean appearance. (Designed whilst on internship at TMA) 

Online Wills 

Quite often website designs are inspired from logos, although they don't always originate that way, this web design pitch for a company looking to branch into creating online wills.

As you can see there is no logo as of yet, the site design came first, function driven; encouraging the everyday person to easily put together their will, in their own time and place. (Designed whilst on internship at TMA) 

Your Docs 

Logo and site design for a potential company managing legal documents and tasks. Easy access login and sign up. (Designed whilst on internship at TMA)